commercial landscaping
Commercial Landscaping
We have a long track record of doing a variety of commercial work. We have worked with most of the general contractors in Southern Kentucky and have built a reputation of getting the job done within the scheduled time and doing it right the first time. We have the equipment and manpower to complete jobs on schedule.
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Residential Landscaping
As most landscapers, residential landscaping is where we got our start. We have done a variety of landscape jobs over the past 20 years. We work with new construction or renovation. This may include projects such as removing all of your old landscaping; or just adding a new bed around the sides and backyard; to building a total outdoor garden sanctuary in your back yard. Our goal is to listen to our client and see what their needs are and to give our advice on how to best meet those needs.
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Commercial and Residential Irrigation
A sufficient water supply is of utmost importance to keep lawns and gardens looking attractive. We install trenchless systems so your lawn looks just as it did before we arrived… except greener. We install a few extras on our systems and use the very best products available. We now have smart clocks available which will save 25%-35% on your water bill over conventional controllers. We do large commercial multi-zone, two wire systems with pumps like those found at Bowling Green Ball Park’s ballfield to large and small residential systems. We also provide service and winterization of any existing irrigation system.

Toro irrigation systems from Daniels Lawns
rainbird irrigation lawn system from daniels lawnscaping bowling green ky

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Night Lighting
It’s dark about 12 hours of every day and most homes are invisible. Night lighting is one of the best methods to improve the attractiveness of your home for that half of the day. Driving around at night, it is easy to see which homes are professionally lit up. They have a warm, safe glow all around them. We use low voltage time controlled systems. Night lighting, like landscaping, must be designed to enhance your home and landscaping. Night lighting comes in a variety of textures, colors, shapes and look attractive day or night. Night lighting should give your home a soft, inviting feeling.

     We offer:

  • Path lights – enhance safety of arriving guests at night
  • Spot lights – highlight the architectural features of your home
  • Well lights – silhouette the outline of your home